3 of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean

Barbados is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean... photo by CC user ben124 on Flickr

For those living in the Americas, where to spend one’s holiday time is always a difficult task, as the Caribbean has long provided a wealth of options for those seeking a unique, relaxing, or entertaining vacation. The following three beautiful islands in the Caribbean will provide the tropical escape you’ve always longed for, with plenty of palm trees, white sand, and rum infused drinks to go around!

Trinidad and Tobago

With the oil and gas industry being Trinidad and Tobago’s biggest economic driver, this country does not have a tourism industry that is as well established like it is on other islands. While this may mean that it can be more difficult for foreigners to find their way around, the lack of massive resorts and other associated tourist infrastructure has given this pair of Caribbean isles an air of authenticity that is increasing hard to find around the world these days.

With a long history of encouraged immigration, the population here is the most diverse in the region, with a mix of Carib, Indian, Spanish, French and Chinese calling themselves citizens of this fine Caribbean nation.

Those looking for the best beaches here will find them on the north coast of Trinidad and throughout the island of Tobago, the latter of which are a secret that is proving difficult to keep in this internet age. If you are here in the winter, be sure to check out Carnival season, or Divali if you are headed here in the fall, as both holidays will shed light upon the deep cultural complexities that define this nation.

Saint Lucia

Long known as a popular island hideaway for the rich and famous, Saint Lucia is gaining traction with those of more modest means these days, as images of its lush tropical scenery have drawn them here in increasing numbers in search of the perfect Caribbean holiday.

Gros and Petit Piton are largely responsible for this turn of events, as these mountains make those that spend a holiday lounging on Saint Lucia’s premiere beaches feel like the millionaires that had this paradise to themselves until recently.

When you manage to pull yourself away from the beach, another major attraction worth your while here is Sulphur Springs, which is a volcanically heated hot spring that is surrounded by lush jungle. The minerals suspended in them are reputed to have curative properties, but failing that, the steamy waters here will loosen your tight muscles, bringing you to a place where everything is right, if only for a short time.


Due to its long association with the United Kingdom, Barbados has been known throughout the Caribbean as Little Britain for many generations, a characterization that is only perpetuated by the fact traffic here officially drives on the left.

Those looking to hit the sands straight off the plane will want to be head to the western and southwestern coasts, as this is where many of the best beaches are situated. When the time comes to head out on the day trip, go ahead and get a taste of some of the best rum in the Caribbean at Mount Gay Distillery. Tours only cost $16 Bajan dollars and they come with a rum tasting at the end, making it an excellent way to spend an afternoon.

While there are many outstanding international restaurants in Barbados, take some time to sample the local grub, as dishes like pepper pot and cooked flying fish are especially recommended for their fresh yet fiery nature. If spice isn’t your thing, be sure to inform your cook prior to ordering.

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