5 Ways To Jazz Up This Year’s Christmas Card

Make your family Christmas card stand out this year ... photo by CC user davispuh on Flickr

Christmas cards are used to send warm wishes and greetings to loved ones, family and friends. Sometimes the use of pictures of family members in Christmas clothes, cards with sleighs, Santa and the elves may seem rather too ordinary and boring. This Christmas opt to be different and send unique cards to family and friends by using this simple ways:


Every year people send and receive millions of cards for the Christmas holidays, though most people appreciate the sentiment, this routine can become boring and ancient especially in this era of digital technology. This Christmas, avoid the stale routine and jazz up your card with personalised touches such as adding exciting photos of your family. You can include photos from your holidays, perfect family moments and add a personal note on the greeting cards on how your family is doing and let everyone sign. Change the fonts of the card, you can even have them handwritten, scanned and printed for a more customized look. You can even create your own theme for the card such as using a commercial, movie or travelling theme to share your experiences through the past year.


There is something appealing about embossed cards; they appear stylish, sophisticated and personal with great designs embossed on them. Embossing is easy if you have all the required tools, but you can also choose your own designs and have them embossed on your Christmas cards. You can use reindeer, elves, Christmas tree and even written messages motifs and have them embossed on your card. If you’re not that confident doing it yourself and don’t mind spending a bit of money then companies like Metallic Elephant can handle it for you with great results.


The digital technology has taken the world by storm, TV broadcasting, cameras and printing has gone digital. The demand and the market are trending towards digital printing and the Christmas cards are no exception. The demand for digital photo cards by far surpasses the number of attachable photo cards. This Christmas, go digital and refresh your Christmas card with new digital technology. Going digital saves you more time since you do not need to slide, attach, crop or even think about your photo cards. The digital cards are also crisp clear and with aids such as photo shop and air brushing, you can create a unique design. The result is a custom-made Christmas card with your photos and messages exactly where you want them.


Everyone knows the colors of Christmas are red, gold and green. Most Christmas cards will have these colors, be unusual, exciting and jazz up your Christmas card with different colors. Think about a color such as black; it does not necessarily need to appear gothic or inappropriate on a Christmas card. When combined with the right colors and designs, it can really bring out a unique and elegant card custom-made card.


Everyone seems to be going green these days, make your Christmas cards this year go eco friendly with creative ideas. Use recycled materials to spice up your card and include lovely plant designs on your card. Cranberries, mistletoe, sprouts, pinecones, maple leaves and Brussels are great looking plants to include in your Christmas card design.