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The Most Innovative Wearable Fan: Cooly

You can suffer from sweat every season. If you are a cook or a carpenter, your life will be partnered with sweat. If you go to the gym, you will see a bunch of people gathering around the fan regardless of the weather. Sweat is meant to control the body temperature but they generate the feeling of discomfort. The huge difference between indoor temperature and outdoor temperature will generate sweat in summer and winter. For those of you who can’t stand the stuffiness of sweat, I recommend the

Helping the Ugandan Kids’ Journey for Water: Jerrycan Water Bottle

Christmas is already at hand. Even though Covid-19 has changed the way we celebrate national holidays, the spirit of Christmas won’t be tarnished. “Love your neighbors.” Said the Jesus Christ.  Regardless of which religion you believe in or whether you are not religious, the spirit of Christmas is worth celebrating. It is about ‘love’. Loving your enemies is extremely hard so I recommend loving people in need which is much easier and rewarding for your soul. On Kickstarter launches

A Family-oriented Children’s Song Animation Aims to Be the Next Baby Shark

The global success of ‘Baby Shark’ set a fire on animation for kid’s contents. Thanks to that the power of kids and family-oriented contents are being recognized by many companies. The kid’s entertainment industry especially the animation field is now on the spotlight. At the center of it is the YouTube. YouTube brought a lot of changes in the ecosystem of animation contents for kids. It provides various contents and successfully manages to compensate the kid contents creators, not to

The Release of VR-Books Classic Fairy Tale Series for Children

Even though you don't feel comfortable with all the hypes toward Metaverse, you must be heard of VR or even enjoying it. Metaverse’s concept is still unfamiliar to most people, but among the components that construct metaverse, for example, augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR), VR will be the most familiar one. VR refers to virtual reality that uses computer graphics to create a simulated environment. The VR industry has developed at an increasingly fast speed and encompasses a broad