The benefits of making your own capsules

capsule filling machine

Tired of the escalating cost of maintaining your health with regards to mainstream supplements? Sick of combing through every label with a fine-toothed comb to ensure you aren’t ingesting anything objectionable or harmful? Want to take a certain miracle drug that you’ve read about in your favorite magazine, only to find out that no store presently carries it because the FDA doesn’t approve?

All of these are common gripes among those looking to stay well these days, and the only thing worse than these problems is the perception that we are all at the mercy of entities larger than ourselves with regards to our health.

There is a way to do an end run around greedy corporations and overbearing governmental agencies … have you thought about the benefits of making your own capsules? There are ways of becoming your own micro-pharmacy, but it is worth all the trouble?

Below, we not only make the argument that it is, but doing so is one of the best ways to take control over your own health.

1) It’s much cheaper than buying them by the bottle

Have you paid a visit to your local natural health foods store lately? The prices they charge their customers is a sick joke. Making people pay a king’s ransom for something that should be affordable for all is just wrong.

Making your own supplements is the best way to bypass the egregious markups that these monopolistic bottlenecks extort out of their customers. All you need to do is to get your hands on the herbs you wish to medicate yourself with, dry and grind them up, then fill some empty capsules with them. Some manage to do this by hand, but getting a machine that fills them quickly and in bulk will save you a lot of time.

2) You will know exactly what you are putting in your body

With the abuse of animals becoming more exposed these days, many are choosing to opt out of the societal norm of eating meat. The vigilance that vegetarians and vegans have to exercise isn’t limited to avoiding being served pot roast at Sunday dinner or ensuring that their fries aren’t cooked in animal fat. These days, something as innocuous as the casing of the pills we take may have involved animal byproducts in its manufacture.

This doesn’t happen when you get to put together your own supplements, as you get to choose to use empty vegetarian capsules in the creation of your blends, thereby avoiding the moral dilemma of consuming gel caps made from the remains of a former four-legged friend.

3) You get to create blends that are difficult or impossible to find locally

While there are many products on the market that are useful for maintaining or enhancing one’s health, there are new discoveries being made every day involving new herbs or supplements that won’t hit the shelf here for months, years … maybe never.

When you choose to make your own pills, you no longer have to wait for a government agency if it is okay to put something in your body. All you have to do is take some empty gelatin capsules, put your herbal blend in it, snap the two ends together, and BAM! You have just become your own pharmacy.

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