The Best Time To Visit Canoa, Ecuador’s Holiday Hotspot

This guy knows that the best time to visit Canoa is in summer, when most accommodations, bars, shops and surf schools are open!

The best time to visit Canoa depends on what one wants to get out of their experience in Ecuador’s Pacific Coast region. People who haven’t been to South America (let alone Ecuador) would probably ask why anyone would bother visiting here. This place might be very insignificant on the world stage, but it has contributed largely to the domestic tourism industry in this country that values the environment very highly.

What makes this small fishing village popular for tourists is the fact that it is not yet very well-known. This makes the venue less polluted, since the presence of tourists could affect the environment adversely. As a result, this venue is an ideal place to either relax, take a cool dip in the chilly Pacific or practice surfing skills in its rough, consistent surf.

Other activities practiced here include snorkeling, paragliding and even learning Spanish. But many often have special reasons for visiting Canoa as well, such as celebrating the country’s public holidays when everywhere else in the country is often very crowded.

1. Summer from December to May

The summer season around the months of December to May is always the best time to visit Canoa. The Pacific Coast region has excellent summer days that are sometimes wet and rainy due to its equatorial climate. Nonetheless, the sunshine here captures the typical imagery one always imagines when they are considering having a summer vacation in this part of the world. As always, beach vacations would never feel right without sunlight, surfing and reggae music.

2. The Holy Week in March or April

Like in many devout Catholic countries, the Holy Week is often observed by visitors. This week is a busy time in the travel calendar because they allow visitors a chance to relax and observe this sacred holiday in a more peaceful and serene environment. The Holy Week is a good time to learn about the country’s deeply religious background and how it is observed by the current generation, which has embraced secularism, having been disillusioned from spirituality by events in the church during their life. Even if you aren’t religious, this week is also a good opportunity to experience a public holiday with native Ecuadorians. 

3. August 10: Simon Bolivar’s birthday

The birthday of Simon Bolivar is a very important national holiday not only in Ecuador but everywhere else around South America. He was integral in spreading the idea of liberation and resistance of colonial rule in Latin America. When everywhere else in Ecuador is heavily congested by celebrating locals and tourists, the village of Canoa could be a very viable alternative for those seeking solitude from the maddening crowds.

4. December 25: Christmas Day

The best time to visit Canoa can also be scheduled during Christmas, which is a holiday celebrated vigorously by Ecuadorians. Christmas days in tropical or coastal areas would mean beach Christmas parties, a manner of celebration that is not quite familiar to people in Western countries where a White Christmas is a more familiar concept.