The Best Time of The Year to Visit Brazil

In order to identify the best time of the year to visit Brazil, one must take into account several variables that will affect any  planned schedule. Geography is one of the most important aspects in knowing how to plan one’s itinerary. Since Brazil is the biggest nation in South America, it is important for one to decide which part of the country  you want to visit. When one chooses a certain region or state in Brazil, it is very important to take note how certain seasons affects this place. One can therefore conclude that geography and weather is not a separate entity. Having a great vacation in a certain part of Brazil entails negotiating these two factors and how to find a favorable environment. As far as the local culture is concerned, one needs not to worry about fitting in as a foreigner. Brazil is definitely one of the top five most multi-ethnic nations in world.

jesus statue in Rio

Rio de Janeiro

The second largest city in Brazil is also a very popular tourist destination. In fact, Rio de Janeiro possesses the symbol of Brazil’s tourism – a giant Jesus Christ statue known as Christ The Redeemer. This part of Brazil has a complete four seasons, but the best time of the year to visit Brazil around this region is during autumn and winter. Summer is a bad period because, apart from the heavy and protracted monsoon, the continuous rainfall creates lots of floods. If you want to learn more about some of the awesome things to do in Rio, check out this great Rio de Janeiro guidebook.

The Amazon

People visit the Amazon region in order to explore the rainforest that thrives in the largest and longest body of flowing freshwater in the world. The best time of the year to visit Brazil, particularly in this part of the country, is around the wet season – around December to May. Any day around June to November is a bad idea. Summer in the Amazon is very oppressive, and it is all the more distressing since the overgrown tropical forest seem to stifle ample amounts of oxygen. Furthermore, the heat attracts a lot of jungle mosquitoes. Rains pour very hard in this part of the country but one can always acclimatize to this pleasant coolness provided he or she has proper monsoon gear (ex. raincoat, boots, etc.).


Pantanal is a vast wetlands area that covered much of the western hemisphere of Brazil (particularly the state of Matto Grosso Do Sul). Knowing the ideal season to choose may depend on what they want to see here. If people are planning to take aerial photos of the marsh, the wet season is good. But a more pleasant climate is around the dry winters, though there isn’t much to see here.

Sao Paolo

Since Sao Paolo is located at a plateau around 2,300 feet above sea level, it would be a bad idea to visit the winter given this altitude. The cold can be very oppressive. Some tourism experts recommend visiting Sao Paolo during summer season. After all, it is also a peak tourist period in this part of the country. Spring is also a decent season to visit.

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