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A Family-oriented Children’s Song Animation Aims to Be the Next Baby Shark

The global success of ‘Baby Shark’ set a fire on animation for kid’s contents. Thanks to that the power of kids and family-oriented contents are being recognized by many companies. The kid’s entertainment industry especially the animation field is now on the spotlight. At the center of it is the YouTube. YouTube brought a lot of changes in the ecosystem of animation contents for kids. It provides various contents and successfully manages to compensate the kid contents creators, not to


On the rise of the Korean culture boom (of course South Korean one), the Korean language's popularity explodes all over the world. Especially K-POP idol BTS's ARMY are the ones who show intense passion in learning the Korean language. From all the baby ARMYs to general ARMY, here is the easiest and most effective way to learn Korean: LEARN KOREAN IN KOREAN. 'LEARN KOREAN IN KOREAN', which already gained popularity among Discord by ARMYs, is a Korean language education service for foreigners created

Top-notch Deep Learning & AI Lectures: creApple’s ‘THE UPGRADE’

THE UPGRADE is filled with experience and information on such topics as artificial intelligence, deep learning, data analysis, and coding.  Programming is pretty much a mythical study field for folks but many people must have dreamt of being a programmer in one of the skyscrapers in New York. For those of you who stopped learning programming, I recommend this Kickstarter project, creApple's 'THE UPGRADE.’ Learn Machine learning & data analysis with real datasets This e-book’s

How to choose an online masters program

With each passing year, the employment market is becoming an increasingly competitive place. With downward pressure being applied to not just blue collar careers, but white college ones as well, increasing levels of competence and expertise are becoming more and more necessary in order to remain employable. Automation and outsourcing are moving lower skilled tasks into the hands of computers and lower paid workers in foreign countries, so to ensure your position isn't next on the chopping