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3 Countries Where Luxury Travel Is A Must

JAPAN Japan is one of most popular travel destinations in the world that entices visitors with its exquisite cuisine, innovative technology, ancient temples, traditional and modern couture and amazing landscapes. Its ability to maintain its traditions and still catapult itself to the future faster than most countries in the world is what makes Japan ever appealing. The major cities of Japan such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Osaka and Nagaya have incredible historic attractions and offer

Great Destinations For A Hot Tub Break

ICELAND Iceland is not your ordinary holiday destination, it is a magical place that feels like a different planet altogether, apart from just being one of the greatest destinations for a hot tub break. Thundering waterfalls, rugged landscapes, steaming geothermal pools, geysers, glaciers, midnight summer and abundant marine and birdlife seem just like a scene from ‘Ice Age’ only that in Iceland, everything you see is amazingly real and breathtaking. It is an all-year destination with

The Best Time of The Year to Visit Brazil

In order to identify the best time of the year to visit Brazil, one must take into account several variables that will affect any  planned schedule. Geography is one of the most important aspects in knowing how to plan one’s itinerary. Since Brazil is the biggest nation in South America, it is important for one to decide which part of the country  you want to visit. When one chooses a certain region or state in Brazil, it is very important to take note how certain seasons affects this place.

The Best Time To Visit Canoa, Ecuador’s Holiday Hotspot

The best time to visit Canoa depends on what one wants to get out of their experience in Ecuador’s Pacific Coast region. People who haven’t been to South America (let alone Ecuador) would probably ask why anyone would bother visiting here. This place might be very insignificant on the world stage, but it has contributed largely to the domestic tourism industry in this country that values the environment very highly. What makes this small fishing village popular for tourists is the fact that