Hollywood divorce: what causes power marriages to go sour?

Not even Ben Affleck is immune to Hollywood divorce ... photo by CC user hayesandjenn on Flickr Photo by CC user hayesandjenn on Flickr

Some of the most publicly visible relationships in our lives never fail to astound us with how often they seem to result in Hollywood heartache. Why do so many relationships between singers, actors, and other famous people seem to end in a flaming wreck?

Below, we will go over some of the reasons why these high profile marriages seem to fail more often than ones between normal people…

Career stress

While many people outside the industry assume that the film making business is a glamorous one, the truth of the matter is that making movies places an enormous amount of psychological and physical stress on actors and actresses.

Often, this bleeds over into the personal lives of Hollywood power couples, who then have to deal with the responsibilities of maintaining a wedded relationship and in many cases, raising a family.

Long periods of separation from each other

Various film projects often have actors and actresses fanning out across the world to film scenes for months at a time. With both members of a Hollywood relationship often having a gig in the industry, actually seeing each other in the flesh can become very difficult to arrange at times.

Starved of physical affection over a prolonged period of time, the once strong bonds of love between them begin to loosen, setting the stage for an unfortunate Hollywood divorce if preventative measures are not taken.

Matters pertaining to money

Some believe that money can buy happiness, but the late rapper Biggie Smalls had a different perspective on this subject: mo’ money, mo’ problems.

In the face of staggering amounts of money, humans often react in irrational ways, which can often cause massive bank balances to bleed down into negative territory faster than those in these famous unions could ever anticipate.

Hollywood couples in the spotlight often believe they have to live a certain lifestyle in order to keep up with appearances; when this inevitably results in money troubles, it creates cracks in these relationships that can lead to a Hollywood divorce.

Simple human nature

Whether it is the result of long periods of separation from each other as mentioned above, or a simple desire to be with other people, Hollywood stars don’t stop feeling normal human emotions when they become household names.

We can argue the morals of what is right and wrong in another article, but sometimes, actresses and actors take a liking to their fellow co-stars on set, or towards someone they happen to meet at the bar after a long day of shooting.

One thing leads to another, and before you know it, one half of a famous Hollywood relationship is having an affair.

If they are truly unlucky, a member of the Paparazzi might capture this unfaithful act on film, and days later, the scene ends up being played out in front of the entire world in the tabloids, or on TMZ, leading to their other half making a phone call to best divorce solicitor money can buy.

Reasons behind Hollywood divorce

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