Options for storage if you don’t have an attached garage

If you have a property that doesn’t have an attached garage then you will probably find yourself struggling for storage space. I know for certain that my family and I would have to get rid of so many belongings if we didn’t have a garage, we chose to follow our neighbors and we now have matching Concrete Garages!


Whether they are detached or attached the fact remains that garages have become a luxury for a large number of homeowners. There are still those homeowners out there that are unsure which garage option, if any, to choose from for their house. The main reasons for people considering a new garage is for a place to store their belongings or a place to store their car, which ever way you look at it it is for storage. Both detached and attached garages offer the perfect solution to the issue of storage – the only problem homeowners face is choosing which of the two is best for them.

Whilst both attached and detached garages will fulfill the same purpose, there are many factors to consider such as the size of land you have to build on, the reason for building and the budget you have at your disposal. The two different types of garages both come with various benefits, but needless to say one will always be more suitable that the other.

The benefits of attached garages

The biggest benefit you will get from an attached garage is the convenience that it offers the homeowner. This is because when you need to get in to your car or pop in to garage to use some much needed storage space, you won’t have to step food outside of your home. It goes without saying that this is extremely beneficial in many parts of the country.

Putting an attached garage on to your house allows either you or the contractor you have hired to use the preexisting walls when they are constructing the garage. This should, in most cases, save you some money on your building costs, the biggest saving will come on HVAC and ventilation. All garages have to be ventilated, so it is key to note that attached garages are much easier and cheaper to ventilate.

The final point to add, which will be exactly the same for detached garages, is that the garage will give the homeowner some much needed storage, a work space, a place to park their cars or a very luxurious leisure room.

Benefits of detached garages

As mentioned above, the number one benefit of both types of garage is the extra space and storage that it will give you, this can be for your cars, items or any other use that requires some extra space.

Many house, mainly those in downtown areas, are ideal lots for detached garages. If you own a lot that goes back towards, for example, an alleyway then a detached garage will be the ideal solution. The other major benefit for having a detached garage for a downtown home is that it will offer the option for you to have extra living space above it. Some home owners prefer to ignore adding extra living space and instead add some unique decking or even a patio, thus giving them an ideal space for them to host parties and/or relax.

Some people may be very interested to know that detached garages offer a much healthier and secure option. If a thief gains access to your detached garage they will not have any way of getting in to your home. When it comes to health, studies have found that owners of attached garages are more at risk of breathing in harmful fumes such as carbon dioxide and also fumes from stored pesticides.

Detached garages are very easy to expand. Of course you will have to get hold of the proper permits before you are allowed to extend it, but if you do get them then enlarging it is a far easier process than if you have an attached garage.

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