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Helping the Ugandan Kids’ Journey for Water: Jerrycan Water Bottle

Christmas is already at hand. Even though Covid-19 has changed the way we celebrate national holidays, the spirit of Christmas won’t be tarnished. “Love your neighbors.” Said the Jesus Christ.  Regardless of which religion you believe in or whether you are not religious, the spirit of Christmas is worth celebrating. It is about ‘love’. Loving your enemies is extremely hard so I recommend loving people in need which is much easier and rewarding for your soul. On Kickstarter launches

5 Ways To Jazz Up This Year’s Christmas Card

Christmas cards are used to send warm wishes and greetings to loved ones, family and friends. Sometimes the use of pictures of family members in Christmas clothes, cards with sleighs, Santa and the elves may seem rather too ordinary and boring. This Christmas opt to be different and send unique cards to family and friends by using this simple ways: ADD A PERSONALISED TOUCH Every year people send and receive millions of cards for the Christmas holidays, though most people appreciate the