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7 Ways To Enjoy A Holiday In Africa

SAFARI IN NAMIBIA Dominated by the Namib Desert, Namibia is a vast arid country with stunning contrasts of golden sandy dunes, wildlife adapted to the harsh desert climate and fascinating rock art. A safari in Namibia is the best way to experience Africa at its best, staying in luxurious lodges and spectacular game viewing. Some of the highlights of Namibia include climbing the world’s highest sandy dunes at Sossulvei, bushman rock art and game viewing at Etosha National Park. VOLUNTEER

3 Countries Where Luxury Travel Is A Must

JAPAN Japan is one of most popular travel destinations in the world that entices visitors with its exquisite cuisine, innovative technology, ancient temples, traditional and modern couture and amazing landscapes. Its ability to maintain its traditions and still catapult itself to the future faster than most countries in the world is what makes Japan ever appealing. The major cities of Japan such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Osaka and Nagaya have incredible historic attractions and offer

The Best Time of The Year to Visit Brazil

In order to identify the best time of the year to visit Brazil, one must take into account several variables that will affect any  planned schedule. Geography is one of the most important aspects in knowing how to plan one’s itinerary. Since Brazil is the biggest nation in South America, it is important for one to decide which part of the country  you want to visit. When one chooses a certain region or state in Brazil, it is very important to take note how certain seasons affects this place.