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Save money when you visit the dentist with Groupon

If you're one of those people who tends to shy away from the camera because you're ashamed of how your teeth might look, well, we can feel for you! Going to the dentist can be expensive, and so it's no wonder that many people might decided to put it off. But what if we told you that a quick visit to the dentist can be had at less than half the cost? Check out Groupon's wellness section and you'll find all kinds of discounts on dental services and teeth whitening procedures. This teeth whitening

The Best Beaches in North America

  You had your share of good times this summer, but one regret you do have is that you didn't manage to fit in a trip to one of North America's best beaches into your schedule. That will change next year, and while winter is well on its way at the moment, it's never too early to begin planning your beach getaway for the next summer (besides, the thought of soaking up the sun on the best beaches in North America will do much to get you through the cold months that lie ahead). In that

How to change your oil

As convenient as it is to own a car, even the biggest enthusiast has to admit that it can be a bit of money pit at times. Insurance, fuel, maintenance, registration fees … the costs of having a vehicle can seem never ending at times. Another one of those costs that might be putting pressure on your budget these days is the expense of having your oil changed. Like any other service, the overall price isn't getting any cheaper over time, and when you do see an unbelievable deal, the technicians

How to choose an online masters program

With each passing year, the employment market is becoming an increasingly competitive place. With downward pressure being applied to not just blue collar careers, but white college ones as well, increasing levels of competence and expertise are becoming more and more necessary in order to remain employable. Automation and outsourcing are moving lower skilled tasks into the hands of computers and lower paid workers in foreign countries, so to ensure your position isn't next on the chopping