Tips for Over 50 dating in the digital era

Dating can be a bit of a tricky tight rope to walk at any age but for those over 50 years of age, it can be especially challenging. Digital dating is the realm of the new generation but it is still a valid playing field for those 50 and older if you know how to navigate the waters. So here are some things to keep in mind if you are trying to get back into the dating scene and have opted to go the online route with an over 50 dating site.

Truthful Profiles

When it comes to online dating honesty and truthfulness are some of the biggest concerns people have. Is that really them in the profile pic? Do they really have a Doctorate Degree in Law? Have they really never been married before? Are they really 58 years old? Do they really live in the Caribbean in the summer? These are just some of the questions you will find yourself wondering as you looked through profiles on the sites where you are looking. The questions you will find yourself asking over and over though revolved around honest and trustworthiness. To find the answers to these questions involves communication and getting to know the person you are talking to before jumping in with both feet.

Communication is Key

This brings us to another important point of online dating as an older individual and that is being able to communicate and keep conversation going with the people you meet and talk with online. Open lines of communication and honesty are important for any dating relationship to survive, but this is especially true with online dating at the start. You have no face to face information to go on so you have trust what you see on the site and what the other person says in your conversations. Make sure you talk, talk, talk- it is best to spend several months talking to the people you meet online before you ever take things to the next level and agree to meet up with someone. It is always better to be safe rather than sorry. Talk about the things that matter to you- family, finances, future, living arrangements, travel, and everything else that you want to do with the rest of your life. Just because you are 50+  does not mean you no longer have dreams and you want to find someone to share those dreams and adventures with!

Honesty Wins

Many people, especially those in the 50 and up dating world online, often wonder if they should be honest when filling out the online profiles. The answer is yes, but unfortunately, it is not as easy as that. The way may decide to approached their online dealing profile is to be honest about everything they include but not reveal everything. You might mention some of your likes and dislikes, talked about your dreams and hobbies, and mentioned a few things about your personality. Mention that you love cats and enjoy a good cup of tea but also be honest about you distaste for sports or your tendency to have a lead foot when driving. These details are important to who you are and helps the other person know you are being honest with them. Potential dates need to know if you do not tolerate smoking or drugs or excessive alcohol use. However they do not need to know about family issues or things like that. If it is something that could impact the relationship, that is something to tell them later once you feel more conformable with them.

Closing Thoughts

So when you are entering the dating world online as someone who is 50+, you do need to be careful and you also need to be honest – but you do not have to disclose every little dirty detail of your life in your online profile. Those skeletons in the closet will need to be addressed at some point if you intend to be serious in any relationship you develop with someone through online dating. Eventually you need to come clean about the good and the bad in your life so that the great relationship you have built is not destroyed when they suddenly are exposed. With these tips, you can enjoy a successful time in the waters of online dating as someone who is 50 and older.

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