What to know about redoing your roof

There are so many reasons why a vast number of people are starting to convert their flat roof to a pitched one, sometimes known as a sloped roof. The main reasons being that a sloped roof can decrease the amount of maintenance required and also answer those structural problems that you often find with an old flat roof.


Of course there are pros and cons when it comes to Flat Roof to Pitched Roof Conversions but I can honestly say from personal experience that the pros massively outweigh the cons! When it comes to altering your roof in anyway you need to think long and hard about the decision you make. To make redoing your roof an easier task I decided to write about the reasons why I choose to convert my roof, I hope it helps you along the way.

What’s the problem with flat roofs?

Many of my good friends that are in the building industry really don’t hold a high opinion of flat roofs because  they have come to get such a bad reputation. The reputation is so bad that many home buyers and real estate agencies are scared of them, even some insurance companies just refuse to insure them.

Whilst they do have their benefits there are many bad points too. The materials and upkeep of flat roofs is essential due to their design. When they are improperly constructed it is very easy for flat roofs to have ‘ponding’ – this is where standing water will collect on the roof which can lead to any number of serious issues. Commercial properties can usually get away with having a flat roof because they have experts install them, when it comes to residential properties that is not always the case. With a lack of training and expertise flat roofs can often be vulnerable to structural issues. Then there are the materials that are used; homes will nearly always not be fitted with expensive, high-end, materials that are used on commercial properties.

So why should you consider a roof conversion?

– Having an old roof will lead to maintenance problems. With poor design and construction the roof will have regular problems.

– Roofing will last longer on a pitched roof. On paper, flat roofs should last as long as the material that are used on pitched roofs, but in practice the roofing on a pitched roof will, on average, have a greater life span.

– Insulating and ventilation is much easier. In general flat roofs should not be ventilated, with their space restrictions it can often be a challenge to high R-values with your chosen insulation. Pitched roofs have much more space to offer for insulation and on the whole they often have much fewer ventilation issues.

Have you converted your flat roof to a pitched roof or are you considering it? If so, I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences. As a community we can all help each other when it comes to making the right decision about home improvements.

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