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THERMONECKS – The All-natural Neck Cooler with No Electronics – Available on Kickstarter

Degreve launched its neck cooler that cools and freezes at room temperature, THERMONECKS, on Kickstarter. Looking for a way to keep cool and save on AC costs this summer? THERMONECKS is an all-natural, reusable neck cooler that relies only on the science of freezing to give you a lasting, sustainable cool and keep you at your peak condition. THERMONECKS is a neck cooler with dual-degree room temperature cooling technology. At the back of the neck, you’re getting 57 °F (14 °C) cooling therapy,

The Reasons to Buy T-1, the Truly Immersive Gaming Earset

If you’ve only cared about the sound quality of gaming headsets, listen. The weight and design also matter. Headsets from a prestigious gaming device brand might support good sound quality, but they might be inefficient for you to keep playing for more than 1-2 hours. When the headsets are heavy, it generates itchiness and sweat, making it uncomfortable to concentrate on your play. You are likely to lose the chances of winning because you get distracted. You must find a headset that not only supports

The Release of VR-Books Classic Fairy Tale Series for Children

Even though you don't feel comfortable with all the hypes toward Metaverse, you must be heard of VR or even enjoying it. Metaverse’s concept is still unfamiliar to most people, but among the components that construct metaverse, for example, augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR), VR will be the most familiar one. VR refers to virtual reality that uses computer graphics to create a simulated environment. The VR industry has developed at an increasingly fast speed and encompasses a broad

Atti Farmer: The Use of AI Technology to Solve the Problems of Modern Farmers

The industrialization gave humanity the most affluent experience on many fields of industry which includes agriculture. Thanks to that people’s access to food became much easier and the rate of the famine decreased enormously. However, there are downsides of it. Industrialization stimulated the climate change and as a result, farmers are facing new challenges as it got harder to get rid of the pests and understand the weather. In the awakening of the problem, this South Korean startup emerged