Helping the Ugandan Kids’ Journey for Water: Jerrycan Water Bottle

Christmas is already at hand. Even though Covid-19 has changed the way we celebrate national holidays, the spirit of Christmas won’t be tarnished. “Love your neighbors.” Said the Jesus Christ.  Regardless of which religion you believe in or whether you are not religious, the spirit of Christmas is worth celebrating. It is about ‘love’.

Loving your enemies is extremely hard so I recommend loving people in need which is much easier and rewarding for your soul. On Kickstarter launches a charitable campaign called ‘Jerrycan Water Bottle: Water for A Change.’ This product is distinctive in that it is not a simple donation project. This project contributes to the world by making the economy for women in Uganda and safer journey for the water for Ugandan kids.

3.7 Miles of Daily Water Journey

You must have heard that in some countries, accessibility to clean water is extremely low. Uganda is one of those countries. According to the UNICEF report, only 17% of Ugandan people can drink water from safely managed sources. The rest of the population, including the kids under the age of 10, must travel a long way only to get the water from the well. What they use to transport the water along the way is the jerrycan, which was originally meant to store military fuel during the second world war.

The problem is, the jerrycan which kids must bring is 10kg and with water, the weight of it goes up to 19.5kg. The fact that they carry it with their heads or hands for 1.8 hours on average because they can’t afford a bag is heartbreaking not to mention how dangerous the unpaved roads that are not only for pedestrians can be. We can only imagine the heavy jerrybags’ effect on their back and spine at such a young age. Moreover, the longer it takes to get the water, the more kids tend to miss school. The Jerrybag campaign team came to realize that ‘making more wells is not the silver bullet that we expected.’ And they started to look in a different direction: making a safer and better environment for kids’ water transportation.

Why Don’t You Help Them with Jerrybag?

If you buy one jerrycan-inspired eco water bottle aka Jerrycan Water Bottle, the Ugandan Kids will get one bag for jerrycan, the Jerrybag. Jerrybag is a headlight reflecting bag that is made exclusively to ease the pain of brutal water transportation journey for kids. It lights up to keep the kids safe when there is a car running on the road and is waterproof.

The smartest yet best part of this campaign is that Jerrybags are made by the local Ugandan women within a design studio in Uganda’s capital city Kampala in 2014. They are paid for that. Surprisingly, this studio is established by the Jerrybag campaign team. They have produced more than 13,000 Jerrybags for children younger than 10 with 16 Ugandan female employers through NGOs like World Vision, Childfund, etc.

Jerrycan Water Bottle

If you back this project, you get proud. Plus, you also get the eco-friendly Jerrycan Water Bottle. This Jerrycan Water Bottle is not only a sign of your contribution to the world but also a greatly useful water bottle. It is designed to let you mount your phone while working out or taking selfies so that it can provide a satisfactory consumer experience. This is a great feature for gym lovers or yoga lovers. The jerrycan-inspired design is unique and trendy. The size is very compact. The smallest 400ml Jerrycan Bottle can fit in your pocket.

Still, the best part of it is you will be reminded of the child you helped whenever you see this bottle.

Be a Part of This Project on Kickstarter.

To be a part of this project, you can visit Kickstarter. This is a crowdfunding project that needs to gather helping hands little by little. Let your Christmas be more meaningful by sharing your love with the third world.

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