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Tips for Over 50 dating in the digital era

Dating can be a bit of a tricky tight rope to walk at any age but for those over 50 years of age, it can be especially challenging. Digital dating is the realm of the new generation but it is still a valid playing field for those 50 and older if you know how to navigate the waters. So here are some things to keep in mind if you are trying to get back into the dating scene and have opted to go the online route with an over 50 dating site. Truthful Profiles When it comes to online dating honesty

Top Five Storage Tips for 2015

Trends may seem to come and go in a flash, but in reality they build up slowly and hang around for a while. Over the last few years there have been distinctive trends and innovations on the subject of household and business storage, and many of these promise to continue and expand through 2015. 1. Storage during House Removals Moving house has always been a time of high stress and some confusion, which only gets worse as you get deeper into the process. Moving day can often end up being

5 Ways To Jazz Up This Year’s Christmas Card

Christmas cards are used to send warm wishes and greetings to loved ones, family and friends. Sometimes the use of pictures of family members in Christmas clothes, cards with sleighs, Santa and the elves may seem rather too ordinary and boring. This Christmas opt to be different and send unique cards to family and friends by using this simple ways: ADD A PERSONALISED TOUCH Every year people send and receive millions of cards for the Christmas holidays, though most people appreciate the