World’s First 5- Transformation-Layer Toothbrush: WOA

Some people say it is good to use toothbrushes with small toothbrush heads and some say the bigger the head, the better to take care of your tongue, which is the main source of bad breath. Thus, many people who are not professional at all in the toothbrushing field settle down with conventional toothbrushes and keep doing their best at brushing their teeth. If you are willing to upgrade your toothbrushing routine, I have a perfect suggestion. Would you believe if there is a toothbrush that can transform the toothbrush head? WOA can do it.

Transform according to your dental concern with WOA

WOA is a beautiful toothbrush that you can easily adjust the angle (narrowness or wideness) of the toothbrush head by moving the slider up and down. You do not need to buy dental floss to clean the interdentals meticulously or a tongue cleaner to get rid of bad breath. Just move the slider down to narrow the toothbrush head for interdentals and up to widen the head for tongue care. With WOA’s adjustable head you can utilize 5 different modes.

Mode 1. Make the toothbrush head the narrowest. Brush through the deep and narrow path of your teeth. Basically, you can use this mode as an alternative to dental floss.

Mode 2. Widen the toothbrush head a little bit to fit the size of your teeth. You can adjust it to fit the 3 sides (right, left, and top) of teeth and clean them all at one stroke.

Mode 3. Use it like a normal toothbrush after finding the suitable angle for you.

Mode 4. Make it a little wider than normal toothbrushes and take care of interdental regions between gum and teeth.

Mode 5. Widen it to the max. This mode will let you massage your gum and tongue. Gently clean them effortlessly.

WOA’s Unique brush combination

WOA’s toothbrush head includes flexible normal bristles and soft micro bristles. This ultrafine combination makes WOA soft enough for tongue and gum care and powerful enough to remove the plaque.

Air-Flow Head Structure for Fast Drying

To provide a more refreshed daily routine, WOA is designed to dry fast. Its head is uniquely spaced between its bristles so that it will dry fast and maximize the quality of the toothbrushing routine.

How to Use:

  1.  Select WOA’s mode according to your dental concerns
  2. Push the slide up to set your preferred mode and start brushing.
  3. Smile!

It is easy to use. Just be careful about one thing. The back of the slider must be kept clean!

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